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Established the Mother Company "Indus Wand Technologies" As a Complete Software Solution Provider".
"i Wand TECHNOLOGIES" stablished in the year 2007, As the Sister Company ofIndus Wand Technologies .
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Security Systems


"i Wand TECHNOLOGIES" provides best-of-breed Security solutions (for Homes / Offices), leveraging technology, delivered by best-in-class peoples". We believe in providing the greatest value for your security in your home and offices, that will enabling the most vital secured lifestyles.


 Web Studio - Web Development Solution.


Our Web Design Studio in Kochi , Kerala , India that was founded in the year 2003 by a John Viani Arukulasseril. We apply our fresh perspective and extensive collection of skills to create or enhance any web design project. Providing key solutions in a variety of platforms and scripting language (s), we focus on the clients goals to bring their vision to life. Of course, if your ideas haven't found their way onto paper or you haven't decided on the particulars, we can help guide you. Specializing in custom design solutions including website development, graphic design, e-commerce solutions and more, we find the beauty in every new challenge.

Softech - Software Development Division.


i Wand TECHNOLOGIES trusted global software development company with more than 11 years of professional experience. We deliver a full spectrum of software consulting and development services to clients from more than 10 countries across the globe.

Truly Customizable Accounting Software


Accounting Software Group's product of choice is the ASG system. This robust accounting software application is available in three specific editions: the Financial Management System for business and corporate users, the Not For Profit system designed specifically for Non-Profit Organizations, and the Client Write-Up system geared specifically for CPAs and accounting firms.

Each edition is customized specifically to you, the end user, to ensure your accounting expectations are not only met, but surpassed



  • Security Systems - Detail of Products :

    Surveillance Cameras, Video Door Phones [ Single Door VDP & Multiple Apartment VDP], Intruder Alarm Systems [ PIR ,Boundary Guards, Fire & Smoke Smoke Detectors, Glass-Door Breaking Sensors] Attendance &Access Control systems [Biometric, Proximity Systems and Hotel Access Control Systems], Metal Detectors [Door Frame & Hand Held Metal Detectors, Digital Anti Shop-Lift Systems, Digital Safe Lock Systems, DVR Cards [Internal and External], Electronic Locking System, Automatic Barriers, Automatic Bollards, Automatic Doors and Automatic Gates [Swing & Slide Gate Opening System.


  • Products from : Panasonic ,GRIZZLY, Securico, Optex, Samsung, Sony, FAAC, Securico,Viper Solutions, GAIL Etc.. Read more



Products at a Glance..

1. Surveillance Systems.






2. Attendance and Access Control Systems.


3. Intruder Detection Systems.


4.Automation Systems.

Faac BaarBollard

[ Automatic Gates [ Swing and Slide ] and Doors, Boom Barriers and Bollards.

5. Video Door Phones.

Vdp1 VDP2

6. Metal Detectors.

Metal1 metal2

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